Mrs. Countess Hastings

Swarovski crystals | felt | corded ribbon

dark blue crystal drop | light blue square crystals | light blue triangle crystals | crystal hearts | dark blue felt | dark blue corded ribbon

adjustable in size

75,00 €

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Please note:

* Each piece is handmade by the Designer herself in Vienna.

* The pieces are handcrafted and therefore unique! So please allow your jewellery to look slightly different than the one in the picture! The difference is not considered a defect, but shows that each piece is truly handmade, unique and authentic.

* All pieces are limited to one of a kind, 3 or max. 10 pieces per design worldwide.

* The piece is handmade especially for you after your order. So please be aware there might be waiting times before your order is ready to be shipped – depending on the amount of work your jewellery needs to be ready.